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Domestic Violence

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 UPDATE:

On March 15, 2020, the New York State Unified Court System announced state-wide closures of nearly all New York State courts.  Family courts, however, still remain open to hear and handle issues concerning “family offenses” (i.e., domestic violence), and such services are expressly recognized as “essential services.”

Integrated Domestic Violence

The unfortunate reality of this area of life is that domestic violence is real, it happens to real people, and it results in more than (500) deaths per year in New York State.

A redundant administrative “problem” encountered by the judicial system, when dealing with domestic violence cases, is conflicting court orders and multiple court dates between the Supreme Court, Family Court and Criminal Court over what is essentially the same case, concerning the same parties and facts. Indeed, a practical barrier preventing most domestic violence victims from being able to access justice is the fact that most people work for a living and can not afford to have an appearance in Family Court, Criminal Court and the Supreme Court in different days during the same month over the same exact case.

Although IDV courts have been around since 2003, New York State has dramatically expanded its IDV program in recent years.  A single judge presides over any criminal charges related to the domestic violence incidents, issues concerning children, and issues concerning the action for divorce, maintenance and equitable distribution. IDV parts drastically improve the efficiency of administrating the same set of facts by empowering the same judge to preside over both the criminal, family and matrimonial aspects of a case.

Holistic Approach

Domestic violence cases are not for the faint of heart.  Our holistic approach to case management provides you with counseling resources and other publicly and privately available assistance for unique issues faced by victims of domestic violence.

From the very beginning of the attorney-client relationship, we encourage and help you find the emotional and psychological support you need to merely begin to heal months or years of trauma.  We work with local mental health professionals to help you find yourself and become your own person once again.

Availability When You Need It Most

You will have your lawyer’s cell phone number, and your lawyer will be available to you 24/7 to respond to what may genuinely be a life and death emergency.  For these kinds of cases, we believe that the attorney-client relationship does not end at the courthouse steps.

You should always immediately call 911 if you believe your life or physical safety (or that of your children) may be in danger. Your lawyer absolutely does not mind the 2AM phone call about your manic spouse knocking on your door while yelling threats and waiving a knife around.  In such cases, however, the advice you will receive is to hang up and immediately call 911.  You are always encouraged to call your lawyer at any hour of the day or night, provided you have first called 911 if you believe your life or physical safety (or that of your children) may be in danger.

Physical Safety & Security

We do not directly provide any physical safety or security services. If you feel that your home environment is unsafe for you or your children, we can help you to arrange for alternative living arrangements for you and your family.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and seeking an order of protection against your spouse or intimate partner, or a legal separation or divorce from your spouse, call us for a confidential and free consultation.

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