Not everything false is a lie made with the intent to deceive. When the intent to deceive is present, however, there is a very limited universe of avenues available to the thief. Fraud is a dishonorable act, a form of theft, and because of that, science tells us that the criminal mind of a thief that prefers to steal assets or wrongfully evade financial responsibility thinks in rather narrow, specific, and predictable ways. Our law office seeks to find and expose these fraudulent acts, particularly in contested divorce situations.

Whether the case involves a forged physical document or electronic file, attempting to hide assets or income, tax fraud, fraudulent conveyances, bribery, corruption, abuse of official public power or office for private gain, or more convoluted or obscurified fraudulent schemes, no lawyer can advocate what he or she cannot first discover. The first and most important step to any fraud case is the initial investigation and discovery. Unless you know where to look and how to go about looking for evidence, the defendant in a fraud case may end up with nothing more than an entertaining game of cat and mouse.

It’s not enough to simply be a lawyer when handling cases involving a fraudulent scheme. For your lawyer to be able to effectively help a judge or jury understand your story, he or she needs to take a deep dive along with the forensic accountants, digital evidence, private investigators and other forensic experts to understand every aspect of the fraudulent scheme from beginning to the criminal reward to the present day cover-up. We help real people avoid the consequences of the criminal and dishonorable human mind, through civil litigation, and find the justice they deserve.

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